Need a clear solution?

As the name FoodLawSolutions suggests, an important pillar is to deliver solutions that score. Solutions are very practical tools that immediately add value by providing insight into your products. Solutions have a fixed rate that is known in advance, just like what will be delivered. Clear, transparent, directly applicable.

There are Solutions for Nutri-Score and for Claims. These offer real solutions to be able to innovate your foods. It uses the logical steps in your strategy: analyzing, locating low hanging fruit and initiating the execution in a way that makes it possible to communicate responsibly to your consumer.

Nutri-Score 1 – Brief analysis

Portfolio of up to 20 products. For all products, the Nutri-Score logo (current algorithm) is calculated and shown as a letter score, underlying number score and the applicable limit value. An analysis report is delivered as a PDF and provides quick insight into the strength/weakness of your portfolio if the Nutri-Score logo is to be introduced. The customer delivers the nutritional values of the desired products.

All-in price € 200, = A sample report of this solution

Nutri-Score 2 – Reformulation odds

Portfolio of up to 15 products. The same basis as the brief analysis, but for this solution, each product is analyzed with a specially developed calculation tool. This makes it visually clear how the nutritional values determine the total score of the product. The visualization also easily shows where a small theoretical product adjustment lies that could yield a better logo. The feedback for this solution is not only given via pdf, but also as an online presentation to optimally convey the insights found.

All-in price € 500, = A sample report of this solution

Nutri-Score 3 – Reformulation opportunities + advice

Same set-up as reformulation opportunities. Often there are insights that give rise to immediately working out possibilities for reformulation. This is often done together with product development in order to be able to set the theoretical reformulation in motion in a practical way. In addition to the presentation of the analysis report, this solution includes a total of 2 hours of advice to carry out proposed steps. If desired, this time will be used to answer your specific questions.

All-in price € 800, =

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Claims 1 – Brief analysis

In this solution, an analysis of your claims is made. Are the claims without risk that they can be regarded as misleading by the NVWA or consumer organisations? Do the claims comply with the European Claims regulations (EC 1924/2006)? In this solution, 3 claims are assessed. The results are shared as a PDF report that can be used directly in your organization. The claims are provided by the customer and can have different sources, such as from the label, advertisements or website. This report provides an excellent insight into whether your claims may have underlying vulnerabilities. This insight can even lead to reinforcement of your claims concept.

All-in price € 200, = A sample report of this solution

Claims 2 – Probabilities analysis

This analysis is identical to the structure of Claims 1, but here for each claim an advice is also given about the potential space of your claims. First of all, we look in more detail at the possibilities offered by the European Claims Regulations. We also take the consumer perspective into account. Often we can not only apply the rules more strictly, but with certain choices we can also better match what the consumer wants to hear. This Solution provides a report with useful insight and advice, with which concrete steps can be taken immediately. In order to make optimal use of the details and insights, this report is shared online as a presentation. 3 claims are also tested for this solution.

All-in price € 550, =

The following applies to all solutions:

  1. For analyses, the customer provides nutritional data of the products for which a score is desired
  2. Reporting is shared as an electronic version (PowerPoint/PDF)
  3. Reporting in Dutch, unless otherwise agreed in advance
  4. For solutions, on-site contact is in principle not embedded, unless on request
  5. Prices Ex VAT and excluding any travel costs at the request of the customer
  6. General terms and conditions of FoodLawSolutions apply. By giving an order for a solution (for example via email), the customer declares to have seen the general terms and conditions and to agree with the general terms and conditions of FoodLawSolutions.