Flexible help

From short consultancy to full time interim

Sometimes you need an extra few hands in the department in busy times, and sometimes it requires expertise that is better suited to be hired externally than to train permanent staff. I am used to contributing for a few hours, but also for interim assignments, for example half a year full time. Assignments are always guided by the wishes of the customer, and we therefore work together to set up an optimal way of working.

With my experience, I can switch quickly and reliably add value to your organisation, build expertise, train teams, help implement strategies, and make nutrition and regulations work in your favour. I prefer to work with others, both internally and externally. I have a large network and make smooth connections that help your organization, even after the assignment has been completed.

For interim projects, we work together to create a solution that optimally meets your needs. For short-term consultancy, click for more information, to see if us working together can add value for your brand and products.